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Alaska is the largest state of the United States, the land of fabulous myths, history and beautiful landscapes for those who love activity and clean open air. There are the Ketchikan State Parks where you can take refuge for a few days or a few weeks if you wish, away from the noise of a busy city. You can also do other activities such as hiking and cycling on the trails. For fishermen this is the perfect place to visit and we will provide you with a recreational vehicle that will make your stay easier.

Experience a real adventure interning in the Rainforest and be in direct contact with nature and wildlife, this and much more is awaiting you! For your greater comfort if you desire we leave everything installed without any type of extra charge for this service.

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1994 Beaver Motorhome

1997 Travel Trailer

2010 19' Compact RV

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In Ketchikan you will find the largest collection of totem poles in the world. The biggest and most important is called The Misty Fjords National Monument which is a gigantic natural park with a unique beauty in its class, countryside with fabulous and great water reserves, forests of flora and fauna, and this earth is a place for mysticism and reflection over the wonders of nature. Being in this enchanting place is an invitation to be in communion with nature and the most total relaxation possible. Our primary concern is the comfort and wellbeing of our clients.

If we talk about driving a car, New York would be a Cadillac, California would have to be a sport convertible and Alaska would be a Pickup truck or SUV Four Wheel Drive, full of conveniences and extras, and with enough leftover space for us to be comfortable when we travel.

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