Rental Policy

- We do not promote poaching.

- Our clients are subject to all applicable Federal and State laws for the protection of parks and camping areas they will be staying in.

- We do not provide food except in the completely equipped (RV or Motor home) vehicles.

- Pets are permitted in our units and a refundable security deposit is required for any damages.

- It is prohibited to leave the isle of Ketchikan with any vehicle.

- The required age of the driver of any of our units is a minimum of 25 years old and there is an additional extra charge for each additional driver calculated into the contract.

- Cash payments are not accepted; only reservations via telephone with credit/debit cards, bank transfers and personal travelers checks are accepted.

- Charge for each additional driver is $10 per day and their signature must be on the contract together with the primary driver and both with valid licenses. (Only 1 additional person is allowed)

- In case you are transporting an infant we do not provide infant car seats. You must provide car seats for travel.

- Border crossing is not permitted (Canada)

- A grace period is given for rental of 1 hour per vehicle after the first minute after the grace period has passed there will be a check-in late charge.

- Returns are permitted outside of regular office hours.

- Price to use the Ferry is currently $21.

- Charges for rental of recreational vehicles (RV) do not include costs of national parks which can oscillate between $10/day.

- Prices and policies mentioned above are subject to change.

- All clients prohibited to dump sanitary waste.

-All clients are subject to the user contract and insurance specification clauses in the event of an accident.

About Us

In Ketchikan you will find the largest collection of totem poles in the world. The biggest and most important is called The Misty Fjords National Monument which is a gigantic natural park with a unique beauty in its class, countryside with fabulous and great water reserves, forests of flora and fauna, and this earth is a place for mysticism and reflection over the wonders of nature. Being in this enchanting place is an invitation to be in communion with nature and the most total relaxation possible. Our primary concern is the comfort and wellbeing of our clients.

If we talk about driving a car, New York would be a Cadillac, California would have to be a sport convertible and Alaska would be a Pickup truck or SUV Four Wheel Drive, full of conveniences and extras, and with enough leftover space for us to be comfortable when we travel.

We accept the following credit cards:
Visa MasterCard Discover American Express Diners Club PayPal